I am hosting a space that I  like to call  ”KyySounds Headquarters” . It is only a 18  -squaremeter-sized room located in Kouvola, Finland but serves me well when I am recording things like  guitar, bass or vocals. I am also doing most of my mixing and mastering there.  When recording instruments that require acoustically a bit more from the room I tend to take the project somewhere else for a few days. But  if you are on a budget I am able to do drum recordings there also. Thanks to high slanted ceiling the room sounds a bit bigger than the size might   imply.


While recording is no doubt the most crucial part of the process a lot of things can still be done in the mixing phase.

If you are planning to use my mixing service and have not yet recorded the songs I am more than happy to give you few tips so that you are able to get the best results with your equipment.


When sending tracks for mixing make sure all of the tracks are starting at the same point. Send only .wav-files.

Do not send any files via e-mail. Upload your files to free file transferring site like wetransfer, sendspace etc. and provide a link for me. Dropbox or Google Drive will work also.  


This is the final phase of the process. This is the part where I am making sure that your songs are playing as loud as they should while still retaining desirable amount of dynamics. Some minor changes to the overall character of the songs can also be made.


I have been composing and making music   almost as long as I have been able to form a chord on a guitar.  In addition to more rock band  orientated songs, I have also made music for a few films and documentaries.  I am always interested in working with new projects on this area.