KyySounds - Showreel

Short video for a quick overview. It showcases projects I have worked with either producing, mixing, mastering, composing etc.

Skull Altar - Legion Of The Skull

(metal/thrash metal) mixing

Grg Zacc - Bhuntey

(pop) arrangement/production/mixing/mastering

Arcadia On The Horizon - To Depression

(metal/metalcore) arrangement/production/mixing/mastering

Grg Zacc - You Gone Away

(pop) arrangement/production/mixing/mastering

The Leaves Of Autumn - High Sensitivity

(dream pop) mixing/mastering

JPK - Hahmoja Porttikongissa

(downtempo/acoustic/instrumental) music/production/recording/mixing/mastering

Rohtokallion Fakiirit - Suohauta

(rock/folk/psychedelic) mixing /mastering


Isengrim - Kolmas